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1 Corinthians 12 – “Do You Believe in the Family of God?”

WE BELIEVE IN THE FAMILY OF GOD, THE CHURCH   WHAT IS THE                       ?   “a local church is a group of Christians who regularly gather in Christ’s name to officially affirm and oversee one another’s membership in Jesus Christ and his Kingdom through gospel preaching and gospel ordinances.” - Johnathan Leeman, Church Membership, p.52   The Church is…  
  • An                         - The Highest Authority on Earth
  • A                       - The Family of God Himself
  • An                           - The representation of God’s Kingdom on Earth
  • A                      - Christians unified in working to build the Kingdom of God
  1.                           – Showing Up
  2.                           – Submitting yourself to the Lordship of Christ
  3.                           - Identifying yourself with Christ
  4.                            – Applying Spiritual Truths to you everyday life
  5.                            - Giving & Serving the body of Christ, the church
  6.                            - Displaying Christ’s love to your fellow church members & through the ministries of your church
  CHURCH MEMBERSHIP IS A COVENANT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHRISTIANS AGREEING TO PUSH ONE ANOTHER FURTHER IN THEIR PURSUIT OF CHRIST.   “Church membership is a formal relationship between a church and a Christian characterized by the church’s affirmation and oversight of a Christian’s discipleship and the Christian’s submission to living out his or her discipleship in the care of the church.” - Jonathan Leeman, Church Membership, p.64   WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH?   Now the Church, which has been granted the life of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, is called to display the character and glory of God to all the universe, testifying in word and action to His great wisdom and work of salvation. – Mark Deaver, Marks of a Healthy Church, p.48   1 Corinthians 12:26–28   Church Members Are A Part Of A                      To Reach The Lost
  • Church Members Survive And Thrive As One Body -
  • Church Members Work As A Team For The Gospel
  1 Corinthians 13:1–3   Church Membership                             The Love Of Jesus To The Lost
  • Church Members Love One Another -
  • Church Members Love The Lost -
  “The mission of the church is to make disciples, and as disciples we love and serve those around us…Our goal is to see God change lives, to raise the spiritual dead to new life in Jesus Christ. This is the transformation with which we are ultimately concerned. – Joe Thorn, The Character of the Church, p.115   WHY SHOULD I JOIN A CHURCH?  
  1. Church Membership is Biblical - Jesus set up the church and the apostles worked their ministry through the local church.
  2. Church Members are God’s People - Jesus died for these people.
  3. Church Membership is a prerequisite for the Lord’s Supper - The Lord’s Supper is for the church to observe and celebrate as a family.
  4. Church Membership allows you to Represent Jesus - The church helps you affirm your fellowship and identity with Christ.
  5. Church Membership declares your Highest Allegiance - The church shows the world that we are following Christ before all else.
  6. Church Membership provides opportunity for ministry - Becoming a church member gives you opportunities to serve others as Christ has served.
  7. Church Membership provides solid Christian Leadership - The church provides strong Christians leadership for you to learn from and follow in your relationship with Christ.
  8. Church Membership structures Christian Accountability - The church gives you a place to practice biblical, wise, and loving church discipline.
  9. Church Membership brings Spiritual Structure - The church is a place for Christians to implement structure into their Christian life.
  10. Church Membership is a place for Christian Mission - The church is God’s method to reach the lost locally and globally.
  “Committing to a local body is the natural outcome (of being a Christian)- it confirms what Christ has done. If you have no interest in actually committing yourself to an actual group of gospel-believing, Bible-teaching Christians, you might question whether you belong to the body of Christ at all!” – Mark Dever, Marks of a Healthy Church, p.27   Hebrews 10:23–25